Here is a promotional video for the runway we installed at the 2013 Toronto Fashion Incubator Fashion Show presented by Target on April 30, 2013. For this stunning display we used a total of 8 projectors to deliver 3D Projection Mapping on to the runway surface.

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Sports & Gaming Technologies

When Designing Audio, audiovisual, and lighting systems for a modern gaming facility, the focus is never on a single element.  Rather, it is on integrating all of those systems seamlessly to maximize the impact entertainment technology has on the overall guest experience, increase customer loyalty, and contribute meaningfully to the success of the facility itself...

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Audiovisual & Conferencing

On October 16, 2012, the University of Waterloo held the grand opening of its new campus in downtown Stratford, Ont.  As home to the university's digital media program, the campus represents an intersection of technology, arts and business.  To visualize this convergence of concepts, the ribbon-cutting ceremony took place in the main campus atrium against the backdrop of a... Continue Reading

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