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Kaleidoscope Ball

Scarborough, October 17, 2015


Scarborough Convention Centre


Hala Events and Communications


Parand Eshraghi


Scope of Work

The inaugural Kaleidoscope Ball is an exclusive gala presented by The Scarborough Hospital Foundation and the Scarborough Walk of Fame in support of The Scarborough Hospital’s Diagnostic Imaging department. Lighting, staging, audio, video and camera operation provided to Hala Events and Communications for their 2015 Kaleidoscope Ball.

Technical Director: Andrew Villanueva
Video: Kevin Mifflin + Rafael Sanchez
Lighting: Ryan Holliday + Thomas Stehle
Staging: Len Leonard Hachey + Lou Battaino
Audio: David Lucy Van Nie + Will Smith
Stagehands: Guillaume Bunel, Yousef Babakhanpour, Jean-Paul Prevost, Afzal Hossain, Cory Austin, Rob Turpin, Fabio Scordamaglia + Glen Hackett


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