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Media Innovation Awards



Westin Harbour Castle


Marketing Magazine (Rogers)


Geoff Cormack

Scope of Work

Now in their 16th year, the Media Innovation Awards (MIAs) have grown into Canada's most prestigious and important media industry awards program. The show honours the great and growing role media plays in the marketing mix, and those responsible for the selection, deployment, and implementation of break-through advertising media programs. Westbury was proud to provide audio, lighting, staging and video support for this important industry event.

Technical Director: Andrew Villanueva
Rigging: Thomas Stehle 
Lighiting: Trevor Fulton, Ricardo Delgado
Audio: Pete Kadelbach, Andis 'PA' Raibacis
Staging: Len Leonard Hachey, Lou Battaino, Stefan Nicoloff
Video: Rafael Sanchez, Robert Gibbons 
Camera: Jason Providence, Jason Rodricks
Stagehands: Michael Lantsman, Vickey Garson, Afzal Hossain, Fabio Scordamaglia, Yousef Babakhanpour, Nicholas Petican

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