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RBC Innovators' Ball

Toronto, October 28 2015


Ontario Science Centre


McNabb Roick


Parand Eshraghi


Scope of Work

The RBC Innovators’ Ball brought together creative minds and key influencers to celebrate and share new ideas, inspire new perspectives and reshape our view of what is possible.The the of the event, executed by McNabb Roick was Wonder: A Celebration of Curiosity and Innovation. Westbury provided audio, video, lighting and staging.
Technical Director: Dwayne Slack
Staging: Len Leonard Hachey, Lou Battaino, Roy Mitchell, Paul Biscuit Watson
Lighting: Thomas Stehle, Shaen Macgregor-Freedman, Felicity Flix Marion, Ryan Lambert
Audio: Pete Kadelbach, Will Smith
Video: Rafael Sanchez, Chris Milla, Vickey Garson, Gary MacDonald, Andrew Ziggy Cwierdzinski
Stagehands: David Lucy Van Nie, Ryan Holliday, Matt Gozoren, Rob Turpin, Ian Radbum, Ryan Miljus, Roy Mitchell
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