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True Patriot Love

Toronto, November 4, 2015


Metro Toronto Convention Centre


The True Patriot Love Foundation


Parand Eshraghi


Scope of Work

The True Patriot Love Foundation hosted the seventh Annual Toronto Tribute Dinner at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Building on the success of past fundraisers, dedicated men and women from across the country came together to support Canada’s military members, veterans and their families. Westbury was honoured to provide audio, lighting, staging and video for this important event.

Technical Director: Michael Hooper
Stage Manager: Kristen LaBonte
Rigging: Karl Ranosztay, Dave Madgett
Lighting: Andrew Dunn, Brian Batty, Jon Chalmers, Ricardo Delgado, Trevor Fulton, Ryan Lambert, Shawn Henry, Andrew Lau, Andrew "Ziggy" Cwierdzinski, Jason Kew, Keith Baker, Thomas Stehle, Ian Radburn, Ryan Holliday, Ryan Leeming
Audio: David Lucy Van Nie, Ryan Miljus, Lenny Goncharov, Sheldon Starr, Shayne Levine, Peter Kadelbach, Will Smith, Guillaume Bunel
Video: Chris Mills, Vickey Garson, Janelle Navarro, Peter McHugh, Kris Aubrey, Reese Brunelle, Raphael Sanchez, Brian Cleary, Vicky Garson, Graham McIlwaine, Reese Brunelle, Chris Mills, Andrew Agudelo, Jason Rodricks
Staging: Lou Battaino, Robert Clarke, Tyler Stewart, Tristan Goethel, Jules Tindungan, Will Barrie, Paige Laffin, Len Leonard Hachey, Rob Turpin, Roy Mitchell, Roy Thompson
Stagehands: Allyssa Rawes, Nicholas Petican, Michael Lantsman, Simon Brochu, Afzal Hossain, James Law, Preston Sims, Alex Lappano, Graham McIlwaine, Andy Henderson, Roxanne Luchak, Cody Melton, Yousef Babakhanpour, Trevor Fulton, Andy Hodgson, Roy Mitchell


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