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University of Waterloo

Waterloo - 2012


University of Waterloo


University of Waterloo


Phil Maurion



Scope of Work

The University of Waterloo campus, located in Stratford, Ontario focuses on undergraduate, graduate and advanced education in the rapidly growing field of Digital Media.
The MicroTile wall consists of 150 Christie Digital MicroTiles stacked five wide by 30 tall, the system is capable of achieving an above standard HD resolution of 1920 x 1080.  The University wanted to achieve Canada’s largest Microtile video wall located within the Atrium of its brand new facility to showcase digital media content from participating students, researchers and the community. The wall was designed to be an integral part of the building to enhance the uniqueness of the program and activities of the campus.
The wall has visual presence unlike anything in Canada to date.   The University  is looking forward to motivating students to produce exceptional content to exhibit on the wall and to engaging in unique and novel research for content and digital media displays. In addition, the university will utilize the wall to involve and create impact throughout the City of Stratford through collaborations and exhibits with local artists and content creators. 

To read an article about this project in dailydooh click: http://goo.gl/hXnSb

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