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When all eyes are center stage, you cant afford a “technical difficulty” that leaves a bad impression.

Since first laying roots in the live event production industry, Westbury National has gone on to provide top-notch audio services to clients ranging from corporations to popular music performers.  From intimate shows and stadium packed concerts to business presentations and tradeshow exhibits, our passion for high-quality audio guides us in providing our clients with only the best service and equipment.  Our top-of-the line speakers, cutting-edge mixing consoles, and expert sound engineers keep clients coming back to us when they need to put on flawless performances.

We have Audio solutions for any venue or budget.  With many of North America’s biggest show productions under our belt, we know what it takes to overcome technical limitations and keep costs down.  Rain or shine, big budget or small - our veteran audio techs ensure uncompromising top quality sound.

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