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Architectural Lighting

Focus your visitors attention where you want it to be.

Architectural lighting is an art. When done right, it adds prestige and positively impacts your bottom line.  That’s because, in addition to being the most important element for bringing the unique characteristics of a well-engineered building or environment to life, it also plays a vital role in energy consumption.  While creative lighting systems help high traffic venues maximize appearance to drive emotional impact and cultivate patron moods, they also assist larger facilities with energy-efficient ways to supply the huge quantities of light they often require.

Impress guests while saving money.  Westbury National helps clients achieve their venue lighting goals with innovative services and lighting experts who focus on three fundamental components: your architecture’s aesthetic appeal, the function lighting plays in your environment, and potential areas for energy efficiency.  The result is a captivating space that minimizes wasted light and over-illumination.

Architectural Lighting Projects

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